Monday 6 February 2023

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Since this is the first post of 2023, I suppose I should start with wishing you all a Happy New Year, even though it`s already February and by now the holiday season is just a distant memory. I guess we`re all back to work now, like Christmas has never happened, and most of us are busy planning our Spring and even Summer breaks. However, amid all this hustle and bustle, new magazines have been or are being  published, so I thought before they pile up even more, I`d better add my pics to this ongoing photo album here - there are plenty! 😊
The World of Cross Stitching issues 329 and 330 both had my wee cover kits as the free gift: the first one was this cozy giraffe swaddled in that warm scarf, and the latter this adorable Popcorn bear with his little duck chum.

In the Hachette Partworks Disney Cross Stitch Magazines, there`s my Winnie birth sampler in issue 121, and this oh-so-cute Pinocchio in issue 125:

Hachette Partworks also published a collection of vintage style Disney patterns, a book full of fun projects from height charts to tablet covers to bath towels, cushions, and toy boxes, some of which I stitched and will add the pics here without further ado because there are quite a few to scroll through. Hope you like them, thank you for visiting, and happy stitching! 😊

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